Ministry of Electricity and energy

  1. In order to transmit the generated power, increased in the period of fifth five- year plan, through Myanmar Power System to Regions and States, the Transmission Lines and Primary Substations are to be implemented and also the Distribution Plans for electricity supply to the Industries and Public are to be worked out.
  2. To provide the technical know-how and policy support to the local people with their cooperation and participation in using alternative energy such as bio-mass in rural areas, far from the National Grid.
  3. To meet the electricity demand for the areas, where electricity through the National Grid is not accessible, are to be supplied by Mini Hydro and Diesel Generators.
  4. In order to be reliable the quality of Myanmar Power System which is conducted for generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electric power and to supply the electricity with the least of power interruption and loss at the Standard Voltage Level, our skills staffs shall carry out by getting technical know-how from abroad.
  5. To fulfill the power demand of Myanmar, not only Hydro Power Generation and also Gas Turbine Power Plants are to be in operation, and Wind Power and Solar Power Plants are economically and widely constructed to reinforce the power supply.
  6. To carry out distribution of electricity to Regions and States in the whole nation by connection of National Grid.
  7. To get more number of electrified villages with great effort.
  8. To generate more electricity from the renewable energies resources.
  9. To carry out  the under constructed projects will be finished in time.
  10. To generate and distribute electricity from the existing power stations with full capacity.

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Date: Mar 04

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