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66/33/11 kV Transmission Line constructed, Zayatkwin Sub-station

For development of electricity distribution to Singu, Thabeikkyin and Mogok Townships in Pyin Oo Lwin District ,Mandalay Region, Ministry of Electricity and Energy constructed 132/66/11 kV Transmission Line and 60 MVA Transformer in Letpanhla primary Sub-station. So, electricity can be transmitted to 66 kV Letpanhla- Zayatkwin Transmission Line (20.5) miles and 66/33/11 kV, 20 MVA Zayatkwin Sub-station on 21st October, 2017.

          And then, transmitted to 33 kV Zayatkwin- Mogok Transmission Line (36) miles, 33/11 kV, 10 MVA Nangnwe Sub-station, 33/11 kV, 5 MVA Minntadarr Sub-station in Mogok Township and 33/11 kV, 10 MVA Kyatpyin Sub-station as well as 33 kV Zayatkwin- Thabeikkyin Transmission Line (8) miles and 33/11 kV, 3 MVA  Khaukphar Sub-station from Zayatkwin Sub-station on 22nd October, 2017. After completion of this Transmission Line, Singu, Thabeikkyin and Mogok Townships, Pyin Oo Lwin District can already consume fulfil voltage of electricity.

Post under by : Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation(MESC)