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Natural Pozzolan Grinding Plant (Kyaukpadaung)

Duty and Responsibilities of Natural Pozzolan Plant


(a)    Manufacturing of natural pozzolan for utilizing in major priority projects of MOEE.

(b)   Educating and Introducing Rules and Regulations for the Staff of the plant.

(c)    Supervision on all the steps of manufacturing, distribution and minimize the wastage.

(d)   Arrangement the procedure for general security, natural disasters and in case of fire.

(e)    Arrangement for discipline, health and welfare of the staff.

(f)    Checking the income, expenditure and accounts of the plant.

(g)   Maintaining the whole plant, machinery and vehicles to be good running condition.

(h)   Cooperating with local authorities and other regional department.

(i)    Introducing the well plan to fulfill the daily, monthly and annual demand from the projects.

(j)    Cooperating in social welfare of local residents to receive good impressions from them.