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Duties and Responsibilities of Department of Electric Power Planning

       (1)   Taking part as leading role in project investigation and appraisal of the feasibility of the project.

       (2)   Taking part in formulation of short term and long term plans of renewable and hydropower projects.

       (3)     Detail study of new power generation projects

      (4)     Planning for generation in order to meet the annual planned requirement.

      (5)     Suggesting for the new power generation projects for more generation according to the requirement.

      (6)     To assess the electricity as national wide, formulating the Master Plan coordinating the respective expansion plans of power                    generation, transmission and distribution.

      (7)     Evaluating the contracts and agreements to be consistent with the rules and regulations.

      (8)     Estimating the finance of each project and evaluating its expenditure.

      (9)     Matters related to the electricity tariff adjustment

      (10)  Matters related to the grant and loan

      (11)  Bilateral cooperation in electricity sector

     (12)  Technical Exchange and Cooperation

     (13)  Bilateral generation, transmission, distribution

     (14)  Interconnection and power trading

     (15) Cooperation with regional organization in electricity sector development

     (16)  Cooperation with HAPUA for realization of ASEAN Power Grid

     (17)  Cooperation with BIMSTEC and GMS Countries for regional power trading

     (18)  Cooperation with internal organization such as ADB, World Bank, IFC, JICA, JEPIC etc

     (19)  Formulating the plan on establishment of training center and necessary training programs for the staff in respective area of                        administration, financing and engineering

Tasks and responsibilities of respective branches in Department of Electric Power Planning (DEPP):

-       Manpower Planning Branch

          -        Civil Service Personnel affairs,

          -        General managements,

          -        Conducting training courses for human resources development.

-       Economic Planning Branch

          -        Evaluating the financial analysis on project investment proposals to be developed by local/ foreign investors,

          -        Formulating statistics in power sector.

-       Power Development Planning Branch

         -        Planning on bilateral cooperation with International Organizations, Regional Organizations and Government to Government,

         -        Planning on the proposals for foreign loans,

         -        Conducting the Master Plans,

         -        Planning on drafting Electricity Law, By Law, Regulations, Grid Code to be enacted.

-       Thermal Power Planning Branch

         -        Making assessments on the project feasibility study reports of natural gas and coal-fired power projects to be developed by local/             foreign investors,

         -        Planning on signing the MOU, MOA, JVA, BOT, PPA, Project Agreements and etc.

-       Hydro and Renewable Energy Planning Branch

         -        Making assessments on the project feasibility study reports of hydropower, wind power, solar power projects to be developed by                    local/foreign investors,

         -        Planning on signing the MOU, MOA, JVA, BOT, PPA and project Agreements and etc.