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EPGE's Organization and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Administration Department


  1. Not only maintaining of policies, regulations and directions on administration but also promulgation of directions.
  2. Writing down and declaring the rules and regulations civil servants have to abide by.
  3. Pursuing recruitment, transfer, promotion and welfare affairs as well as giving pension, increment and compensation.
  4. Pursuing to enable for enjoying various leaves including ex-Myanmar leave.
  5. Holding meetings for coordination on personnel affairs and keeping the files and documents systematically.
  6. Recording, refilling and keeping Personnel's’ data.
  7. Choosing to send the trainees for local trainings.
  8. Nominating for aboard training, scholarships and overseas study.
  9. Extending visa of foreigners cooperating with Electric Power Generation Enterprise in Operation and maintenance of generators and arranging accommodation for them.

Analyzing, Recommending and Offering the honors rewarded by the stat to the staffs.

  1. Promulgating directions for fire protection and carrying out the tasks on job safety and controlling the staffs with disciplines.
  2. Giving penalty for fault in accord with regulation manual.
  3. Supervising and controlling the drivers to make sure ferries and buses on business fit and maintain systematically.
  4. Ensuring for enabling to take oils and lubricants regularly.
  5. Making sure buses, ferries, the building kept them in, oils and lubricants prevent systematically against fire breaking as to prevention plan.
  6. Fixed-owned, and a list of all lists Having maintained, Every year there was no valid / verification.
  7. Plans to auction.
  8. Managing Director in accordance with the instructions of the implementation, Breaking. Staff Structure Analysis  and  New Drawing.

Responsibilities of Finance Department

  1. Systematically performing to get timely financial rights of all staff (salary, increment, travelling allowance, leave, salary etc) pursuant to the orders issued by administration branch.
  2. Computing income tax, the contribution of social welfare and insurance of the Staff.
  3. Carrying out about the matter of the pension and gratuity for the retired.
  4. Communicating with the Pension Department in the Ministry of Planning and Finance.
  5. Drawing annual plan for income and expenditure.
  6. Drawing Budget Estimate (BE) and Revised Estimate (RE) annually.
  7. Preparing quarterly , semiannually and annually reports.
  8. Alloting revenue & capital budget to Head Office and Power Plants.
  9. Reporting monthly expenditure compilation to Ministerial office based on th submission of expenditure with appendix ( c ) from Head Office and Power Plants.
  10. Preparing Yearly Financial Statement of EPGE.
  11. Scrutinizing all expenses submitted by each branch and power plant accomplished with Work Authorities (WA) and MD’s instructions and allowing these expenses in accordance with financial rules and procedures.
  12. Examining  monthly receipt & Payment Report of Power Plants, Preparing Journal entry based on appendix.

Valuation of material receipt bill.

  1. Valuation of material issue bill.
  2. Preparing adjusting journal.
  3. Executing to be able to repay in time accrued principal and interest for foreign loan of Hydropower Plants which have finished project construction and currently making commercial run.
  4. Disbursement of ODA / IDA loan and grants for developing new renewable and thermal power plant projects and for rehabilitation of existing renewable and thermal power plants.
  5. Payments of foreign currencies for purchasing equipments and spare parts of power plants from foreign companies.
  6. Checking Joint – Venture hydropower plants expenses , accrued taxes and conciling their accounts with department's records.
  7. Giving financial opinions and recommendations upon Feasibility  Study Report  (FSR) and financial Analysis  (FA) regarding Renewable Energy and thermal power plants  projects proposed  by private companies , via DEPP.
  8. Depositing cash receipt into bank.
  9. Issuing cash/cheque for expenditure.
  10. Preparing monthly cash book.
  11. Issuing quarterly drawing limit. Opening new Bank Account (if any).
  12. Closing old bank account (if any)
  13. Accounting, billing and recording of electricity purchase.
  14. Collecting sales of electricity charges from Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE) , Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) & Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation (MESC).
  15. Auditing Financial & Working Activity of Power Plant.
  16. Replying on Audit Report of office of the Auditor General of the Union.
  17.  Calculating and valuing assets imported.
  18. Checking the advance payment of port and custom duty.
  19. Performing general administration affairs of finance department and finance staff.
  20. And to receive direction from the Managing Director And implemented in accordance with the instructions, Breaking.


Responsibilities of Procurement Department

  1. Conduction the scheduled to preparing budget estimation, analysis and proposal for required spare parts   materials and vehicles concerned of thermal power,   hydro-power  and  coal-fire thermal power  station     under the  Electric Power Generation   Enterprise.
  2. Conduction the scheduled of buying and  distribution for main spare parts in  finical  yearly,  submission, negotiation    and   distribution for major subject.
  3. After  fulfilling  the  spare  parts  and  communicated  materials accessories are bought and issued  has to be recorded .
  4. Collecting and Storage the supporting goods can be bought in local systematically and distributing it for    relevant factories and departments.
  5.  Spare parts , machinery equipments maintenance tools and  office stationeries that to be bought for the factories by loan, aid and F.E (Foreign Exchange) are to be drawn list and must confirm of E.C.C.
  6.  Maintenance of safety of tender documentary and technical specifications including in arrangement of       purchase.
  7.  Drawing arrangements to purchase for goods ,office stationeries and vehicles, drawing technical      specifications, confirming step by step invitation to tender, drawing comparison statement of price and      submit to relevant team(or) organization, singing a contract and send memorandum  (or) requisition order.
  8. Receipt advance payment for works (jobs) which have been contracting application  for Foreign Exchange ,          in ingrate (open) the letter of  credit , co-operation with finance department.
  9.  Maintenance of safety of tender of document and technical specification including of purchase program.
  10.  Goods are storing  systematically in go down, regularly inspection for inventory, safety arrangements must be laid down and conducted not to be fire hazard.

       And to receive direction from the Managing Director And implemented in accordance with the instructions, Breaking.


Responsibilities of Renewable Energy and Hydropower Plants Department

  1. Submitting the information, concerning with the Department, to the relevant organizations for short-term and long-term generation plans.
  2. Implementing to meet the goals of power generation and selling electric power regarded by the Ministry.
  3. Selling the electric power generated from hydropower plants, which are connected to National Grid, to Electricity Supply Enterprise, Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation and Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation.
  4. Negotiation for sale of electric power and contract preparation with neighbouring countries.
  5. Conducting Civil, Mechanical and Electrical regular maintenance works of the existing hydropower plants.
  6. Cooperating with foreign suppliers for the replacement of electrical equipments and Turbine/Generator parts of Power Stations.
  7. Supervision of power generation to be met with the power demand, and the long-life operation of Power Stations.

Cooperating with the relevant departments and organizations to arrange the water requirement for power generation and agricultural purposes.

  1. Submitting the estimated budget annually and conducting to get the funds and revised funds.
  2. Submitting maintenance plans for power stations and getting approvals.
  3. Supplying the operation and maintenance trainings to the employees to promote their abilities and activities.
  4. Nominating the employees for further studies to abroad in order to get knowledge concerning with power station works.
  5. And to receive direction from the Managing Director And implemented in accordance with the instructions, Breaking.

Responsibilities of Thermal Power Department

  1. Reporting and reviewing Daily Power Generation, Gas Consumption and  Natural Gas, requirement for all Gas Turbine Power Plant.
  2. Reporting for Planning to procure Required Natural Gas, Diesel , Lubricant, Water and the chemicals of water treatment for the Gas Turbines, and cooperate with Finance Department and Procurement Department of EPGE to fulfill in time.
  3. Allocation of yearly budget including salaries in time and prepare estimate for working allowance and submit to pay in time for gas and water bill which are expend from the power plant.
  4. Cooperate with MOEE in timely memes for the nomination of gas requirement and prepare and submit MC and EC for the approval.
  5. Planning for the operation and maintenance for Gas Turbine Power Plant.
  6. Preparing the list of required spare parts and reviewing spare parts to use where needed.
  7. Preparing to report necessary estimate for operation and maintenance and checking the estimate which are reported from power plant, buying necessary equipment for future use and making office staff member lists which are needed to report.
  8. To prepare working plan for implementing project and to check and analyze can or cannot be finished in time which are described in contract.
  9. To report necessary staff numbers, equipment and financial which are needed to help the newly project to implement their work and helping to signing the necessary contracts to implement the project.