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Bago Division


Shwe Taung Gas Engine Power Plant Project (IPP)

Project Location                 -    Bago Division, In the compound of the Shwe Taung Power Plant

Contractor                         -    MCM Power Co.,Ltd

Project Type                       -    IPP

                                              Phase I – 28 MW

                                              Phase II- 70 MW

Contracted Capacity            -    28 MW

Installed Capacity               -    Phase I - 39.48 MW (9.87 MW x 4 Nos.)

Type of Machine                 -    Wartsila (Finland)

Gas Consumption                -    8.5 MMCFD (Yadana offshore Natural Gas)

Current Status                    -    power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has been signed between Electric Power Generation Enterprise and MCM Power                                                          Co.,Ltd dated on 12th May 2020. The implementation of Shwe Taung Power Plant Project (Phase I) had 100% finished                                                        and at the date of August 30, 2020, the power plant started the Commercial Operation. Currently EPGE is requesting                                                          approval from the Cabinet to implement the Shwe Taung Power Plant Project (Phase-II).