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Mon State

Thaton 118.9 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (State Owned)

Project Location


Mon State, ThatonDistrict, in the compound of old Thaton power plant




China Energy Engineering Group Co.,Ltd (CEEC)


Project Type


State Owned

The EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract was signed by Electric Power Generation Enterprise with China Energy Engineering Group Co.,Ltd dated on (26.1.2016) in order to implement the Thaton 118.9 MW CCGT Power Plant with the finance of World Bank.


Machine Type


GT (GE 6F.01, France), STG (India)


Plant Configuration


2 GT x 2 HRSG x 1 STG


Installed Capacity


GT (2 x 46MW), STG (1 x 44MW)


Contracted Capacity


118.9 MW


Gas Consumption


23 MMCFD (Zawtikaoffshore Natural Gas)



Current Status -

Commercial Operation Date of  Thaton 118.9MW CCGT Power Plant had issued dated on 1st November 2019.

Now all the machines are operating in accordance with the electricity demand.

(a) Completion of No.1 Gas Turbine and generator

(b) Completion of No.2 Gas Turbine and generator