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Transmission Lines and Substations under Project by ADB (Asia Development Bank) Loan

(1)     Location             

Mandalay Region, Sagaing Region, Magway Region

(2) Amount of Project

Upgrading and Replacement of Transmission Lines and Substations

            (1) Package-1(ABC Cable)

            (2) Package-2(Substation Materials)

            (3) Package-3(Distribution TR)

            (4)Package-4(Line Materials)

     Additional Work

            (5) Pkg-2(Substation Material Repeate Order)

            (6) Package-6(Substation Materials)

     (3)Condition of Contract

            Funded Sources (Loan) −    ADB Loan 3084-MYA(SF)

                                                     Power Distribution Improvement Project

            Contracted Date            − (28.1.2014)

(4)Project Starting Year            − 2014

(5)Project Completing Year (Estimated) − (2018-2019)

(6) Progress Condition     − Additional 18 substations by (Package 6) are 30% of progress completed and materials contracted in October, 2017 will be able to receive within May,2018.Projects will be completed within November, 2018.