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YESC's History

Reforming/Constituting Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation for the Development of Electric Power Sector in the area of Yangon Region

1. Background History of Constitution/Organization

Yangon District Electric Head Office which was managed by Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise under Ministry of Electric Power was established as new board namely "Yangon City Electricity Supply Board" on 1st April 2006.


2.       Ministry of Electric Power (MOEP) reorganized as two Ministries viz Ministry of Electric Power No.1(MOEP-1) and Ministry of Electric Power No.2 (MOEP-2) on 15 May 2006. MOEP-2 constituted with one Department, two Enterprises and one Board.


3.       The two Ministries: Ministry of Electric Power No.1 and Ministry of Electric Power No.2 has been merged into the Ministry of Electric Power again by forming with three Departments, three Enterprises and, one Board named YESB on 5th September 2012.


4.       Corporatization of YESB into YESC has been appointed to start on 1st  April 2015 in accordance with the order no. 58/2/7/ president office dated on 29th January 2015.


5.       MOEP has given permission for corporatization of YESC in accordance with the assigned authority of 2014 Union Act no. 44, Electricity Law, Article 8, Section (c) and Article 72, section (b) and with the permission of president office reference no. 58(2)/7/president office and Cabinet Meeting/Union Government meeting no.(16/2015) has been held on 13th August 2015.

6.       To stand with owned budget separate from State's budget, YESC has formed on 1st July 2015 in accordance with the office of the union minister order no.(126/2015) of Ministry of Electric Power.


(a)     To oversee the whole functions relevant with electricity in accordance with the Government policies.

(b)     To accomplish to distribute effective and reliable power to the consumers and to get and supply adequate electric power entirely.

(c)     To carry out for more investment of electricity infrastructures.

(d)     To manage the emergence of corporation as prosperous business.

(e)     To carry out measures the emerge from Government owned organization to Public Owned Corporation successfully within 5 years.

(f)     To accomplish the Corporation’s tasks as sophisticate/commercial business in line with market economic system.


Operating Functions

1.  YESC distribute the required electric power to the domestic and commercial consumers by connecting with 66 kV, 33 kV, 11 kV, 6.6 kV and 0.4 kV low voltage distribution lines received from the National Grid transmitted via 230 kV High Voltage transmission line from Northern part of Myanmar.

2.  YESC intends to fulfill the annual load increased in the area of Yangon Region.

3.  The following tasks are carrying out to fulfill the annual increasing demand-

  1. Monitoring and planning the system development plan for 66 kV, 33 kV, 11 kV, 6.6 kV and 0.4 kV lines and substations in the distribution system.
  2. Monitoring and Planning the System Improvement Plan Carrying out the replacement of high capacity cables and lines, insulators and low voltage transformers in needed places in orderto distribute steadily at the low voltage distribution lines of the system.
  3. Operation and Maintenance tasks for low voltage lines and substations running in distribution system.

4. Carrying out to fulfill and achieve the reliable and efficient power to the consumers steadily, planning to provide sufficient power and to achieve electricity fully by users.

5. Implementing the projects with adopting the short-term and long-term project plans

6.  Overseeing the electricity losses reduction programs.

7. Overseeing the collection of electricity bills in order to receive accurately and fully.

8.  Complying with the provision of Electricity Law and rules and regulations

9. Carrying out measures for the development of private sector investment in electricity generation and distribution. Nowadays, (12) no. of Franchise Companies has held in (19) townships meanwhile YESC has running the left (39) townships in Yangon Region.