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Finance Department

Duties & Responsibilities of Finance Department

Finance Department shall:

     (a)      Formulate and estimate the Annual Budget Accounts for YESC;

     (b)     Record and keep the daily budget accounts entry;

     (c)      Develop and submit the annual and monthly financial report and bank statements;

     (d)     Oversee the income and expenditure;

     (e)      Assess and carry out for the increment of corporation income;

     (f)      Monitor the corporation income not to be wasted;

     (g)     Carry out the remuneration for the BOD, CEO and the staffs;

     (h)     Perform to comply keeping the financial statements with Myanmar Financial Statement Standards in accordance with International Account keeping functions;

     (i)      Perform the Financial Management to be successful YESC’s functions in accordance with the Market Economy;

     (j)      Contribute the financial statements related with Local and Foreign procurements;

     (k)     Monitor & inspect the YESC’s expenditure / expenses to comply with financial rules and procedures;

     (l)      Review and monitor for rewarding expenses, running funds and other funds for reservation and investment functions base on the YESC’s Budgets/expenditures.

     (m)    Oversee the auditing of YESC’s project by appointed audit team.

     (n)     Assess the budgets / (income and expenditure) and estimating new tariff to propose if necessary.