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Planning Deparment

Duties and Responsibilities of Planning Department

Planning Department shall:

  1. Perform the task related to recording the data and information related to substations, transformers, and distribution lines, analyzing the data and providing the recommendations and developing the project proposals;
  2. Perform the task related to assessing the demand forecasting for the future, developing the project plan with regards to expansion of electrical infrastructure, developing the design and forecasting and evaluating the necessary investment;
  3. Perform the task related to acquiring the loans, grants and technical support by collaboration with international financial organization, development partners and local organizations;
  4. Perform the extension of the infrastructure related to substations, overhead lines and relevant buildings;
  5. Monitor the task related to quality control over the project implementation in accordance with specified standards;
  6. Perform the skill improvement training and workshops in order to promote the capacity of the engineering related staffs;
  7. Task related to analyzing and recommendation on the incidence of electrical risks and to release the necessary instructions not to happening the risk and accidents again and to be safe in the future.