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Electricity Supply Department

Duties and Responsibilities of Distribution Department

Distribution Department shall:

  1. Perform the tasks systematically related to negotiation to get sufficient electrical power supply with transmission system operator in order to distribute the qualified/efficient electrical power continuously and to monitor the substations and distribution lines within the electrical system/network;
  2. Perform the task related to testing the existing substations, overhead lines and transformers, regular monitoring, maintenance and extension as necessary/required;
  3. Perform the task related to the reduction of the electrical losses;
  4. Perform the task related to acquiring the electrical power from alternated power supply under the exceptional condition;
  5. Perform the task systematically related to establishing the monitoring system/load control center by using the advanced information technology;
  6. Develop the systematic plan in advance to make sure to recover the electrical power if there are unexpected circumstances of electrical power break down.