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Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation

Duties and Responsibilities of Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation

  1. Planning and Implementing the short term and long term electricity power supply plan.
  2. Modernizing electric power sector to develop with international standard.
  3. Execution of adequate electric  power supply.
  4. Ensure to reduce loss of electric power supply.
  5. Ensure to systematically and continuously distribute the qualified electric power supply to consumers.
  6. Ensure for fully guaranteed charges of electric  power supply.
  7. MESC must inspect its own electrical works by the group or skilled full inspector, whom chosen by MESC.
  8. Not only MESC but also a man of MESC must inspect the usage of electricity.
  9. Implementing the work related skilled and to be disciplined of all service personnel of the Corporation.
  10. Ensure for more improved and better performance of the Electricity Enterprise through cooperation & coordination with respective Government Departments, nationals & international organizations and persons.
  11. Attention to abide electricity laws , rules and regulations.


Duties and Responsibilities of Administration Department

The Administration Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Administrating all service personnel of the corporation to abide enacted Laws, By-laws, Procedures, Rules and Regulations.
  2. Administrating all service personnel affair in accordance with the Laws.
  3. Administrating land and building related matters of the corporation.
  4. Administrating for training course, excursion trip and holding conference for the purpose of promoting human resource development and work related skill of all service personnel of the corporation.
  5. Administrating assessment and reward-punishment matters of all service personnel with the purpose of promoting their abilities.
  6. Carrying out to get fully income from electricity selling.


  1. Administrating the auction of unnecessary assets of the Corporation,and write-off and deletion of the loss.
  2. Administrating for Defining Seal, Flag and Uniform of the Corporation.
  3. Administrating operation of maintenance of motor vehicles and machinery.
  4. Administrating for all public relation matters upon services of the Corporation.
  5. Administrating for disclosing, with all round efforts, the information of the Corporation to public in time.
  6. Administrating the legislation and advising upon Laws and Contracts related to the Corporation.


Duties and Responsibilities of Finance Department

The Finance Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Draw and summit the annual budget plan of the Corporation.
  2. Data Entry and Record the daily income and expenditure.
  3. Draw and summit the monthly and annually Accounting Report.
  4. Controlling the income and expenditure.
  5. Managing to improve the income of the Corporation.
  6. Supervising not to wastage income of Corporation.
  7. Carrying out the payments for the financial rights of  Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Service Personnel.
  8. In accordance with the Myanmar Accounting Standard as well as International Accounting Standard, making effort to maintain the financial accounts of the Corporation.
  9. Trying necessary financial management with the purpose of the Corporation to be successful, according to market Economy.
  10. Managing financial matters of local and foreign procurements.
  11. Managing the expenditures of the Corporation to be in accordance with the financial rules.
  12. Based on the financial statement of the Corporation, Managing for analyzing of investments, revolving funds and other funds.
  13. Managing the Accounts and work of the Corporation to be auditable.
  14. Managing to propose changing the electricity tariff by analyzing income and expenditure of the Corporation.


Duties and Responsibilities of Material Planning Department

Material Planning Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Managing domestic and international Procurement storage and issuing of materials are to be in accordance with Directives and Procedures.
  2. Managing for machines, vehicles, heavy machineries, tools and equipment that have to carry back to the country of contractor, according to the contract.
  3. Managing for electrical equipment that has to transport to abroad for repairing purpose.
  4. From procurement to issuing processes of the materials, managing not to get wastage.


Duties and Responsibilities of Engineer Planning Department

The Planning Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Performing recording, analyzing, reporting and proposing the plans for substations, transformers, transmission lines.
  2. Managing to report analyzing future power demands, planning and design for worked expansions, estimating future investment.
  3. Supervising the loans, grants and technical assistances related matters by relation with international monetary organizations, development partners, and regional organizations.
  4. Supervising the implementation works of substations, transmission lines and related infrastructures for the purpose of electricity distribution.
  5. Supervising the quality control of electricity related works to be accordance with predefined standards.
  6. Managing for training courses and workshops for the purpose of promoting abilities of engineers, technicians and skilled workers.
  7. Record and analyze the electric hazard incidents, to circulate the directives for avoiding such an incident and to reduce electricity related hazard.


Duties and Responsibilities of Power Distribution Department

The Distribution Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Negotiating amount of electricity receiving for purpose of sustainable distribution of good quality electricity, supervising the operation and control of substations and power lines in the power system.
  2. Testing, regular maintenance and expansion of constructed substations, power lines and transformers.
  3. Supervising the processes for reduction of electricity losses and collecting necessary information and data.
  4. For special circumstances and events, preparing to provide dedicated power distribution plan.
  5. Making efforts to form the high technology power control systems with the domestic and international technical assistance.
  6. Planning systematically to get back to normal as soon as possible if power failure occurs by the unforeseen event.