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Administration Department

Duties and Responsibilities of Administration Department

The Administration Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Administrating all service personnel of the corporation to abide enacted Laws, By-laws, Procedures, Rules and Regulations.
  2. Administrating all service personnel affair in accordance with the Laws.
  3. Administrating land and building related matters of the corporation.
  4. Administrating for training course, excursion trip and holding conference for the purpose of promoting human resource development and work related skill of all service personnel of the corporation.
  5. Administrating assessment and reward-punishment matters of all service personnel with the purpose of promoting their abilities.
  6. Carrying out to get fully income from electricity selling.
  7. Administrating the auction of unnecessary assets of the Corporation,and write-off and deletion of the loss.
  8. Administrating for Defining Seal, Flag and Uniform of the Corporation.
  9. Administrating operation of maintenance of motor vehicles and machinery.
  10. Administrating for all public relation matters upon services of the Corporation.
  11. Administrating for disclosing, with all round efforts, the information of the Corporation to public in time.
  12. Administrating the legislation and advising upon Laws and Contracts related to the Corporation.