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Planning Deparment

Duties and Responsibilities of Engineer Planning Department

The Planning Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Performing recording, analyzing, reporting and proposing the plans for substations, transformers, transmission lines.
  2. Managing to report analyzing future power demands, planning and design for worked expansions, estimating future investment.
  3. Supervising the loans, grants and technical assistances related matters by relation with international monetary organizations, development partners, and regional organizations.
  4. Supervising the implementation works of substations, transmission lines and related infrastructures for the purpose of electricity distribution.
  5. Supervising the quality control of electricity related works to be accordance with predefined standards.
  6. Managing for training courses and workshops for the purpose of promoting abilities of engineers, technicians and skilled workers.
  7. Record and analyze the electric hazard incidents, to circulate the directives for avoiding such an incident and to reduce electricity related hazard.