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Planning and Statistics Branch

Functions of the Planning and Statistics Division

  1. To prepare the Long-term, Short-term and yearly plans, and submit the progress.
  2. To arrange the projects to be implemented by the Ministry and State and Division governments through negotiation and cooperation.
  3. To collect projects statistics of all departments and enterprises under the Ministry, and submit those on behalf of the Ministry.
  4. To conduct correction in collecting the statistics figure and information for respective States and Divisions.
  5. To collect and keep the information figure by using the ICT Technology.
  6. To supervise collecting and distributing information by connecting the network with States and Divisions.
  7. To implement the e-government, information and technological works.
  8. To assess by doing research projects.
  9. To evaluate and keep the records of working activities of the parties supervised by the Ministry, using ICT Technology.