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Press Release (3/2019)

14 March 2019

     The ceremony of press release (3/2019) of MOEE was held at office No.27, Nay Pyi Taw, today. In this ceremony, 225 MW Natural Gas and wasted heat used substation project plant completion condition has been completed with IPP/BOT system at near No. 1  Steel factory, the condition performing of 24 hour electrified from National Grid in (17)villages including Kyaing-chaung village at Maung-Taw Township, Rakhine State, the status condition of No.22 Maubin (North)for exploration oil and gas, the stratus condition of conducting training course for  variety of LPG vehicles drivers and co-drivers at No.1 Refinery training educational institution centre, the condition of performance on fuel oil operations to avoid fire and accidents, the condition performing to see household meter unit system via mobile phone in Pabeltan and to give serious to electric consumers from online in Authority Webpage, the substations have been completed in the group of hospitals South Okkalapa and Lanmadaw Townships, the fully distribution status of electricity to industrial zone at Meikhtila Township, Mandalay Region, the status of 66/23/500 kV transmission lines so that to  distribute fulfilling voltage fitness does not occur system breakdown and to intend electricity distribution from voltage system to power unelectrified regions were released.

     Spoke persons from MOEE as well as member of press release, Departmental Heads and Medias presented to that cercmony.