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MoEE organizes meeting over works on energy sector



             THE Ministry of Electricity and Energy organized a coordination meeting over its present and future works on the energy sector at the ministry in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.

             Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy Dr Tun Naing, departments and enterprises’ directors-general and managing directors, and departmental officials participated in the meeting from Office No. 27 in Nay Pyi Taw, and officials from oil fields, oil plants, fertilizer plants, gasoline plants and petroleum storage and distribution joined the meeting via videoconferencing from their respective regions.

           Directors-General and Managing Directors from the ministry’s departments and enterprises relating to the energy sector discussed matters pertaining to human resources development, cooperation with international organizations and annual budget allocations.

            Upon the discussion, the Deputy Minister replied that it is important to have skilled employees so that the works of related departments could be successfully implemented, and also stressed the importance of establishing libraries for the employees’ capacity building, conducting pieces of training for human resource development of the employees.

           He added that not only training but also workshops should be frequently organized and energy master plan should be studied.

It is necessary to analyze the facts for the future plan and the facts needed for CSO, and to draw up practical plans of three years for short terms, eight years for medium terms and 15 years for long terms, he said stressing the importance of readiness of technologies and hiring of experts if needed.

         He also talked about the production of quality urea that meets the country’s requirement, saying the importance of analyzing the real market condition.

         Future plans should not be delayed because of financial plans, and it is necessary to produce the employees who put co-workers first, he added.

      He urged the employees to try their best by changing their old-style thinking to get faith from the public and by focusing the works suggested by the public so that the departments and enterprises become the organizations that can be relied on by international commercial companies.



(Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun)


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