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Myanmar Engineering Council organizes ICEEA 2021 Myanmar


MYANMAR Engineering Council organized the International Conference on Engineering Education Association (ICEEA 2021 Myanmar) online at the Ministry of Electricity and Energy yesterday.

Union Minister U Win Khaing, in his capacity as Patron of the council, highlighted the establishment of Engineering Department at the University of Yangon in 1923, engineering degrees granted by RIT in 1964 to date and efforts of engineering degree holders in the very sector of the country.

The Union Minister also said the infrastructure plays a key role in the developing countries and so the engineers mainly implement such procedures.

The government accelerates their plans for transportation, electrification and access to clean drinking water.

Therefore, the engineering subject is crucial to produce qualified engineers.
The Union Minister then stressed the important role of engineers not only in government sector but also in private industries together with the developed market-oriented economic system and cooperation work between the council and ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO) and Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and Pacific (FEIAP).

He also expressed words of thanks to partner organizations such as FEIAP, IEET, UNSW, BEM, WFEO and IEA for their cooperation and supports.

He also discussed the significant development in every sector during the new government term and the increase of nationwide electricity access from 34 per cent to 57 per cent including 40 per cent power generation from hydropower, 14 per cent from solar energy, 34 per cent from Domestic Gas and 11 per cent from LNG.

He stressed the efforts of the ministry to meet 75 per cent of the country’s electricity need by 2025 and its 2030 goal of full electrification.

He then highlighted the need to carry out in accordance with the international criteria to improve the quality of engineering subjects and engineering degree holders as well as for the development of the country.

The ICEEA 2021 Myanmar will be held until 16 January and the representatives of international and regional engineering organizations including Myanmar Engineering Council, the Rectors and Professors of Yangon Technological University, Mandalay Technological University will read the papers.



(Translated by Khine Thazin Han)


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