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“Want to Light Electricity” (Part-2)

            MOEE can soon distribute more electricity in Kyaiklat area , Ayeyawaddy Region, Public can now use electricity in nation is only 40.9% and so the respective department constructed not only high voltage transmission lines and substation extension work but also 33/11 kV distribution lines and substations across the  nation laying down plans.

              We want to describe the construction status of 230 kV Hlaingthaya- Kyaiklat National Grid and 230 kV Kyaiklat primary substation project which will be complete soon and can distribute more electricity.

               The area of Ayeyawaddy delta region which is rich of rivers, creeks and lakes, is 13566.593 square miles and population of this area is over 5.5 millions by 2011 census report.Among  1.5 million  households totally  electrified households is about 255,168(17%)  up to 2017-2018 fiscal year .

              In the past, Ayeyawaddy region was distributed by 66 kV Pyi- Myan Aung -Hinthada- Pathein double circuit transmission, MOEE has implemented 230 kV Hlaingthaya - Athoke Transmission line and 230 kV Athoke primary substation since 2005, it was completed in May,2007. Therefore, MOEE can now distribute to 66/11 kV substation in Pathein, Yekyi, Hinthada, Kankyi Daunt fertilizer Plant, Thar Paung pulp mill, Pathein glass factory by 66 kV transmission line via Athoke substation as well as to townships in west part of Ayeyawaddy Region.

              MOEE has been started 230 kV Athoke- Pathein National Grid and 230 kV Pathine substation since 2012 due to further increase of electrity usage in Pathein and other towns which is located in west part of Ayeyawaddy Region, it was completed in 2016 and MOEE can distribute more electricity with full voltage than previous time.

              Although MOEE can distribute more electricity to townships in west part of Ayeyawaddy Region, townships in east part of Ayeyawaddy Region used  electricity distributed by 33 kV Transmission lines via 230 kV Hlaingthaya and Kanaung primary Substations have no full voltage and enough power.

            230 kV Hlaingthaya – Kyaiklat Transmission Line   ( 52 miles) and 230/ 66/ 11 kV, 100 MVA Kyaiklat primary substation project started since 2014 to use full and enough electricity in east part of Ayeyawaddy region. In beginning of the project implementation, the initial proposed transmission line length was 65 miles which ran beside Hlaingthaya to Kyaiklat road  way through Twantay, Kawhmu, Kungyangon, Dedaye and Pyapon townships.

              However, due to much turning point and tension point, it was technically resurveyed  to be absolutely straight line. So, the new transmission line route passing through Twantay, Kawhmu, Kungyangon and bambooes  and rubber plantations  in Dedaye is reduced  to 52 miles.So ,the  project cost could be reduced and MOEE could save the government budget. MOEE took construction period 4 months more than the estimated time through  several discussion and negotiation to the respective person.

              During the period  of tower foundation, tower erection and tower stringing work, power transmission team have made compensation to the suffering  people after several discussion and negotiations in line  with the official calculated amount according to the guide line of  Region, district and township  administrative authorities under  the existing laws, rules and procedures. Those compensation were paid in separate payment depend on the budget allocation.

              230 kV Hlaingthaya-Kyaiklat Transmission Line, 52 miles project will be finished soon, delivery of materials for the construction of cable work and (209)Nos of tower work were hardly done and transported  to the workplace by buffaloes, cows , boats  and ships because of many streams  and rivers. Moreover, some towers across the river through the Twantay Canal, Dedaye River and Kyaiklat River are far from the road. So, String materials such as Tensioner & Puller machines, ACSR Conductor drums and Disc-Insulator rings were transported to the workplace by water ways.

              Because of the hardworking of project servants under  the bad weather, cable work across the Kyaiklat river was finished on 15th May 2018 even though started from 6 th May 2018.

              Sequently, cable work across the Dedaye river was finished on 30th May 2018 even though started from 16th May 2018. Cable work across the Twantay Canal was finished on 15th June 2018 even though which was started from 4th June 2018. Cable work across bamboo plantation in Kawhmu township will be finished soon. The connecting work between Hlaingthaya substation and this transmission line, was made by Hlaingthaya-Ahlon transmission line temporary off and it was finished on 17thJune 2018 in (5:30) PM.

               During this transmission line project, foundation & tower work were built by the eight groups of Department and Local Company. Cable work was  built by six groups of Engineers, Servants and Labours, totally (300)people  under Department of Power Transmission and System Control who have many experiences and skills concerned with their work and the cable work across the river was  built only  by three groups.

              Because of the responsibility of Engineers and servants under Department who have many experiences and skills concerned with their work, 230/66/11 kV, 100 MVA Kyaiklat substation was now finished.

              Installation of Transformers, Step-up Transformers, Capacitor Banks, Electric material, Operation and Maintenance work in the substation which will be used to receive and send power from 230 kV Hlaingthaya substation are now in test run.

              Ma-ubin, Kyaiklat, Dedaye, Pyapon, Bogale, Mawlamyinegyun townships in east part of Ayeyawaddy Region currently use the power from 33 kV Twantay-Kawhmu-Kungyangon transmission line and 33 kV Nyaungdone-Ma-ubin transmission line which were distributed from 230 kV Ka Naung (Hlaingthaya) and Hlaingthaya substations.

              Due to long distance of 33 kV Ka Naung- Twantay- Kawhmu and Kyaunggon- Dedaye-Pyapon-Bogale transmission line (90 miles), voltage in the Pyapon and Bogale area were dropped out from 11 kV to 7 kV. Therefore, local people can not sufficiently use electricity.

              Therefore, this project was implemented to be more sufficiently use of electricity with full voltage in this region.

              It cost about (396333) million kyats under State budget including import materials and construction cost of Transmission line and Substation that will be finished soon.

               Now, the installation of 230/66/11 kV, 100 MVA Transformer, 66/33 kV, 30 MVA Transformers, 230kV, 25 MVAR Shunt Reactor and Capacitor Bank in 230 kV Hlaingthaya- Kyaiklat Transmission line and Substation were completed.


              Near in the future, Kyaiklat which is existing 230 kV Substation and Ma-ubin, Pyapon, Dedaye, Bogale, Mawlamyinegyun townships will be  distributed 230 kV power from Hlaingthaya through the Kyaiklat Substation by  the (3) Nos of 33 kV Transmission Line.

              Coming Year, depends on State Budget, extension of 66 kV Substation and Transmission Line will be built in this Region and distribute from 66 kV Transmission Line of 230/66/11 kV, 100 MVA Kyaiklat Substation that will be finished soon.

              East part of Ayeyawaddy Region which is plentiful of meat, fish, prawn and agriculture prominent would be surely developed region due to the rise of industry work with a bright shining light as well as increasing percentage of using electricity.

Author-Myo Chit Khin