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We want to Light in Rakhine State

We want to Light in Rakhine State


          Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) planned to construct 230kV Transmission Line cable work to supply electricity to Rakhine State via National Grid. Therefore, MOEE has arranged ten groups in total, 6 groups from project manager offices and 4 groups from manager offices of national grid, for transmission line connection. In first stage, Ministry of Electricity and Energy has carried out to be complete Oakshippin- Taunggok Transmission Line (54.41 miles) on June 2014,Taunggok- Maei T/L (46.78 miles) on July 2014, Maei-Ann Transmission Line (36.28 miles) on August 2014, Ann-Myauk U-Ponnakyun Transmission Line (115.73 miles) on December 2014 and Maei- Kyauk Phyu Transmission Line (60.6 miles) on December 2014. While the groups were carrying out the transmission line cable works, although some companies can’t finish the installation works for transmission tower, as the groups from project manager offices and executive engineer office for National Grid supported that works, the transmission line construction works were completed in time.

          To be supply electricity to Rakhine State via National Grid, 230/66/11kV, 100 MVA Taunggok Substation, 230/66/11kV, 100 MVA Kyauk Phyu Substation, 230/33/11kV, 50 MVA Ann Substation and 230/66/11kV, 100 MVA Ponnakyun Substation were constructed simultaneously at the same time of construction for 230 kV transmission line. Transformers that will be installed in substation were transported by Kazakhstan vessel along sea coast to sea port to the nearest cities.

          Through the ports, these transformers were transported again by vehicles from sea port to substation. The required materials to be constructed 230/66kV transmission line and substation were transported hard through violent Arakan Yoma mountain paths. While 230 kV Transmission Line and Substations were being built at the same time 66 kV Transmission Lines were built by local construction teams to be distributed electricity from 230 kV Substation and these are as follows:

Sr. No.

Transmission Line



66kV Taunggok(Barye)- Thandwe T/L



66kV Taunggok - Maei to Taunggok T/L



66kV Kyaukphyu (Gonechon)- Kyaukphyu T/L



66kV Kyauk Phyu (Gonechon)- Ramvee T/L



66kV Ponnakyun- Myauk U T/L



66kV Ponnakyun- Sittwe T/L



66kV Ponnakyun- Kyauktaw T/L


          Besides, departmental construction teams have constructed the following substations simultaneously;

Sr. No.


Installed Capacity(MVA)


66kV Thandwe Substation

66/11kV, 5MVA


66kV Kyauk Phyu Substation

66/11kV, 20MVA


66kV Myauk U Substation

66/11kV, 5MVA


66kV Sittwe Substation

66/11kV, 20MVA


66kV Kyauktaw Substation

66/11kV, 5MVA

            Department of Electric Power Transmission and System Control (DPTSC) has constructed simultaneously 66kV Transmission Line, above 66 kV Transmission Line and Substations and ESE has also constructed 33 kV Transmission Line and Substations, 11kV Transmission Line and 11/0.4 transformers in villages and towns with Ministry Budget and State and Division Budget.

          To get electric power in Yakhine State, as a build through the Arakan  Yoma mountain, In the construction of 230 kV Maei - Kyauk Phyu Double Circuit Transmission Line (60.6 miles) and Total towers 241 Nos, 20 miles far away from Maei was constructed through tide region and tower foundation 65 Nos in this region has constructed by Driving Pile System. And then, installation of towers in this region was transported difficulty by boats, buffaloes etc. Besides, to supply electric power to Rakhine State, the construction works of Transmission Lines and Substations can be constructed within time schedule as follows due to enthusiasm of local companies and departmental teams;

  • 230 kV Oakshipin-Taunggok T/L and Taunggok substation on 3-6-2014,
  • 66 kV Taunggok-Thandwe T/L and Thandwe substation on 4-6-2014,
  • 11 kV T/L from 230 kV Taunggok substation to Taunggok on 12-6-2014,
  • 66 kV Taunggok-Maei T/L to Taunggok T/L on 3-11-2016,
  • 230 kV Taunggok-Ann T/L and Ann substation on 28-8-2014,
  • 230 kV Ann-Myauk U-Ponnakyun T/L and 230 kV Ponnakyun substation on 30-11-2014,
  • 66 kV Ponnakyun-Sittwe T/L and 66 kV Sittwe substation on 28-11-2014,
  • 66 kV Ponnakyun-Myauk  U T/L and 66 kV  Myauk  U substation on 25-12-2014,
  • 66 kV Ponnakyun-Kyauktaw T/L and 66 kV Kyauktaw substation on 30-11-2014,
  • 230 kV Maei-Kyauk Phyu  T/L and 230 kV Kyaukphyu Substation on 1-1-2015,
  • 66 kV Kyauk Phyu(Gonechon)-Kyauk Phyu T/L and 66 kV Kyauk Phyu Substation on 1-1-2015, 
  • 66 kV Kyauk Phyu(Gonechon)-Ramvee T/L and 66 kV Ramvee Substation on 11-1-2015,

Electric power can be transmitted via National Grid and Local people from Rakhine State have been electrified.

            To make continuously electricity supply and more electricity distribution to Rakhine State, 230/132/11 kV, 100 MVA transformer extension work in 132 kV Mann substation and 230 kV Mann-Ann T/L 67 miles was constructed and electric power from National Grid was transmitted by connecting with T/L in Rakhine State. In the electricity distribution and transmission to Rakhine State via National Grid, Oakshipin Substation to Taunggok (Barye) Substation, also through to Maei, Maei to Kyaukphyu (Gonechon) Substation, Kyaukphyu Substation to Ann primary Substation, Ann Substation to Ponnakyun primary Substation was distributed from Oakshipin primary Substation . If it would be electricity shortage from Oakshipin substation, 230/132kV, 100 MVA Transformer extension work in 230 kV Mann-Ann T/L and Mann substation was constructed with the aim of continuously electricity distribution. Besides, in 230 kV Kyauk Phyu Substation, Gas Engine plant which used Shwe natural gas was built and it can generate 90 MW and it can distribute electric power not only Rakhine State but also National Grid. In near future, MOEE can distribute more electricity in that region due to plan to construct natural gas and combined circle power plant (135MW) in that gas engine.

            Up to now, MOEE has also constructed continuously and there are complete as follows;

  • 66 kV Taunggok (Barye)- Maei T/L 44.74 miles and 66/11 kV, 5 MVA Maei substation on 12-6-2016,
  • 66/11 kV, 5 MVA Taunggok substation on 3-11-2016,
  • 66 kV Kyauk Phyu-SEZ T/L No.(1)(5.69)miles, No.(2)(5.57)miles and 66/11 kV, 20 MVA SEZ substation on 20-7-2016,
  • 66 kV Athoke-Gwa T/L (55.6)miles and 66/11 kV, 5 MV Gwa substation on 29-6-2017,
  • 66 kV Kyauk Phyu(gonechon)- Madae T/L (13.32)miles 2 Nos. and 66/11 kV, 40 MVA Madae substation on 7-7-2018,
  • 66 kV Mrauk-U-Minpya T/L (17.28)miles and 66/11kV,5MVA Minpya Substation on 19-2-2017,
  • 66 kV Ponnakyun-Yathedaung T/L and 66/11 kV, 5 MVA.

            Yathedaung Substation on 1-4-2018.

After that, MOEE can transmit more electric power to Maei, Minpya, Gwa, Yathedaung, made island and its surrounding areas. Therefore, MOEE can distribute the electricity more 23,000 households than previous households.

            To get electric power in Rakhine State, Department of Electric Power to Transmission and System Control has completed in total 230 kV T/L (408.25)miles and  66 kV T/L (378.94) miles up to now. At the same time, the construction works of 230 kV substation (4) Nos and 66 kV Substations (15) Nos were carried out by Foreign Loan USD (64.07) million and MMK kyats (90) billions. And then, Electricity Supply Enterprise has carried out 33 kV T/L (120.8) miles and substation (7) Nos, 11 kV T/L (741.339) miles and 11/0.4 kV Transformer (1180) Nos with Union budget, State & Region Budget. Furthermore, MOEE has planned to be implemented with not only government budget but also Foreign Loan to distribute more electric power for remaining towns and villages.                            

          Union Minister H.E. U Win Chafing for Ministry of Electricity and Energy Leave for China to attend the Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference 17-10-2018, NPT

          Union Minister H.E. U Win Khaing accompanied by Managing Director U Khin Maung Win, Electric Power Generation and Enterprise, left by Myanmar airway for China on 17-10-2018, at 08:00 hour to attend the Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference that would be held on 18-10-2018 in Suzhou, China. The Union Minister and party were seen off by China Ambassador to Myanmar,         U Maung Maung Lett, Chairman, Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation and responsible persons from Ministry Of Electricity and Energy at the Yangon International Airport.