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The Responsibilities of Administration Department

  1. Responsibilities of Record Branch
  • Compiling the staff list and sending the declaration orders.
  • Registering and keeping the civil service card.
  • Describing the service history.
  • Supplying the identification cards for staffs.
  1. Responsibilities of Branch No.1
  • Organizing the chart of staffs and soliciting staff.
  • Appointing the new staffs, changing the old to new cadre, ordering for resignation and ordering of Termination after died.
  • Executing pension for all staffs.
  1. Responsibilities of Branch No.2
  • Issuing the orders for promotion, transfers, leaves and increment.
  • Issuing the orders for earn leave connection and pension orders.
  • Soliciting the benefit of the social security for staffs.
  • Inspecting the statements of the Hand-Over Lists for duties.
  1. Responsibilities of Branch No.3
  • Punishing and Action.
  • Executing meetings of the Internal Executive Committee.
  • Executing to pay indemnity according to breach of Contract Discipline for staffs who have insufficient working experience.
  • Executing to get compensation cost for electric shock.

5. Responsibilities of Branch No.4

  • Dispensing salaries and requesting for expenditure.
  • Issuing edicts for telephone record, staff housing records and internal & external training course records.
  • Opening internal trainings and sending trainees to domestic land/abroad land trainings.
  • Settling and inspecting housing for staffs.
  • Executing to restore Foreigners Visa.
  • Buying and distributing the daily newspaper.
  1. Responsibilities of Branch No.5
  • Executing land acquisition for Substations, Transmission Line Offices and to get legal possessiveness of department.
  • Executing to cross damage materials of department off the list.
  • Executing to auction off useless goods from department.
  1. Responsibilities of Branch No.6
  • Issuing traveling order, executing daily dispatch and security.
  • Executing to celebrate and convene ceremony and meeting.
  • Executing to award Honors.
  • Executing religion, culture and sport.
  1. Responsibilities of  Motor Vehicle Branch
  • Soliciting and distributing necessary motor vehicles and fuel for departments.
  • Maintaining and fitness motor vehicles.
  • Issuing edicts for motor vehicle records and transportation.
  • Directing the discipline of Vehicle and Road.
  1. Responsibilities of Medical Branch
  • Buying, storing and distributing necessary pharmaceuticals for
  • Curing for health.
  • Supplying the recommendation letter for health.

Department of Power Transmission and System Control

The Responsibilities of Finance Department

No.1     Preparation and Allocation of the budget

  • Prepare the budget estimate and supplementary grant of capital and revenue for each fiscal year, and shall be repaid the surplus fund at the end of respective fiscal year.
  • Prepare and submit the reports and other requested by Ministry of Planning and Finance.
  • Analyze and Allocate of capital and current expenditures to head office and other sub-branch under Department of Power Transmission and System Control.
  • Contribute Drawing Limit to the Myanma Economics Bank and issue the cheque for Capital and Current Expenditure.
  • Check the income and expenditures of monthly cash book and Submit the combination of monthly income and expenditure to the Treasury Department and Ministry of Electricity and Energy.
  • Check the respective financial terms and condition of supply contract to deal with the Free F.E and Loan.
  • Submit the applications for Foreign Exchange(FE) permits with regard to the expenditures being paid in foreign currency for the case of respective contract to Ministry of Planning and Finance, open the letter of credit, make a payment in connect with the Myanma Foreign Trade Bank, repaid the principal and interest due to the withdrawal of loan.

No.4     Auditing

  • Internal auditing and reply audit reports to the Office of the Auditor General.

The Responsibilities of Material Planning Department (Nay Pyi Taw)

  • Admin Section
    1. Organizing chart of staffs (Tree Diagram).
    2. Registering and Keeping the Civil Service Card.
    3. Preparing and reporting the staff list.
    4. Pension
    5. Salary and Allowance.
    6. Correspondence.
    7. Security.
    8. Conduct the financial matters.
  • Foreign Purchase Section
    1. Signing the contracts according to the permission of Management Committee of MOEE.
    2. Signing the contracts according to the permission of Purchasing Committee.
    3. Sending Contracts in advance to reception section and acception section.
    4. Negotiating to receive material completely.
    5. Submitting to MOEE to organize Inspection Team.
    6. Submitting to the Management Committee of MOEE to confirm the record after inspection the quality.
    7. Conduct the Payment and liquidation.

Local Purchase Section

  1. Providing to get permission of Budget Allocation for each financial year to buy the necessary office equipments for Head Offices, Substations, Transmission Line Offices and Projects.
  2. Preparing to sign the contracts by getting the permission of Management Committee of MOEE in accordance with rules and regulations for permission of proposal Tender to buy materials according to Budget allowance.
  3. Conduct for payment after receiving materials.
  4. To distribute the receiving materials to concerned branch by permission of Director General.
  5. Inspection of Indent for Stores.
  6. To carry out clearance process of Customs and Myanma Port Authority in order to pay taxes for foreign materials.
  7. To inspect and pay for Transportation Charges of receiving materials to related places of Projects.

Tender Section

  1. Receipt of the demand.
  2. Submit to offer for tender.
  3. Offer for tender (Local Currency / Foreign Currency).
  4. Accepting Tender Proposal.
  5. Send technical proposal for tender to Engineering Department for technical checking.
  6. According to the comments of Engineering Department on technical proposal for tender by inviting technically success companies and then opening and recording the price of Tender.
  7. Submit to Tender Committee for selection.
  8. Submit to Executive Committee of MOEE and transferring to Foreign Purchase Section for signing contract in accordance with permission of Executive Committee of MOEE and then carrying out to give back the Bid Bonds to the companies that did not pass Tender.

Project Materials Section

  1. Registration of purchase orders, contract and administration the progression of them.
  2. Applying Import license for permission of Imported Materials which purchase from abroad.
  3. Applying draw back license and resending by used imported materials to related foreign countries for projects.
  4. Administration of the store for issuing projects materials and Transportation.

Department of Power Transmission System & Control

The Responsibilities of Material Planning Department (Yangon)

  • Clearance Section

1. Conducting shipping documents.

2. Transportation after paying custom duty and commercial tax.

3. Extracting by paying port Charges.

4. After using project materials imported, resent relevant Foreign Country (Return & Repair) or draw back.

5. Clearing goods received to post and air post.

  • Transportation Section

1. Transportation for good received.

2. Transportation by cars of department.

3. Transportation by Myanmar Railways.

4. Transportation by hiring out cars.

5. Payment.

  • Reception Section

1. Receipt Goods that have checked according to P.O and Contract.

2. Transferring to Storage Section.

3. Project Materials are directly transferred to relevant project.

4. Compilation monthly/yearly-book(annual)

  • Storage Section

1. Entitle and maintain bin card.

2. Retaining goods in store.

3. Denote the location of goods.

4. Issuing goods with form 25(B).

5. Protection against fire hazard.

6. Safety

7. Write-off.

8. Checking the materials list and practical residue.

9. Writing monthly and annual out.

  • Issuing Section

1. Inspection the Indents and picking up residue. (the remaining of materials)

2. Requisite form (Form.25.A) is written and issuing the goods to the relevant representatives.

3. Retaining the contracts.

4. Recording the goods receipt.

The Responsibilities of Power Transmission Projects Department (PTP)

(A)   Project Implementation Branch

         -        Implementing work of Projects Implementing Branch.

         -        Cooperating with Material Planning Department, Finance Department and Project Implementation Branch under PTP Department in order to provide necessary construction equipment in Transmission Line and Substations Projects in time, supervising to be finish in time and reporting the work progress to MOEE by weekly.

          -        Planning to provide construction equipment, fuel, machineries, tools and equipment for Transmission Line and Substation Projects.

          -        Evaluating the estimated project cost of Transmission Line and Substation Projects.

          -        Negotiating with the Finance Department to pay the cost in time to external business person and respective Departments for Transmission Line and Substations Projects.

          -        Carrying out the occasional instructions of Director General and Deputy Director General.

  1. Design and  Planning Branch
  • Preparing of Tender Documents and Inspection of Materials from Oversea Countries
  • Offering for Tenders to purchase the materials for Transmission Lines and Substation                                   
  • Compiling documents for Technical Evaluation and Final Evaluation of Tenders
  • Negotiating with Awarded Bidders to get the correctness materials and compatible delivery schedule
  • Monitoring imported Invoices and Contract Terms of respective Contracts and coordinating with Material Planning Department and Financial Department for the payments
  • Inspecting imported materials according to Delivery Schedule of respective Contracts and sending to official letters of incitement/informing to the Suppliers/Contractors
  • Carrying out the occasional instructions of Deputy Director General and Director(Planning)
  • Describing Drawings, Specifications, Bill of Quantities and calculating Technical Evaluation, Quality Control
  • Carrying out the drawings, bill of quantities and technical specifications for Transmission Lines and Substations
  • Power System Calculations such as Power System Load Flow, Short Circuit Analysis and Transient Stability
  • Inspecting and Calculating Technical Evaluation for tenders
  • Inspecting Technical Evaluation and Quality Control of materials for transmission lines and substations which have been constructed

             -        Carrying out the occasional instructions of Deputy Director General and Director (Design)

 (C)  Admin Branch           

            -       General management for all staffs in offices under PTP Department.

  • Submitting administration and progress reports from projects director offices to Head Offices. 
  • Reorder the instructions of Deputy Director General and Head office under PTP Department

 (D)  Budget Branch

                -        Estimating Projects Cost of PTP Department and Controlling budget.

                -        Carrying out the occasional instructions of Deputy Director General.

(E)   Power Transmission Projects Department (Civil Branch)

                 -        Implementation of Civil work including transmission line and Substation Construction projects under Department of Power Transmission and System Control and other Civil work which are tasked by MOEE .                   -        Supervising the transmission line and Substation construction work, supporting the necessary local thing , fuel and vehicles of construction of civil work in Transmission Line and Substation projects to MOEE.

                 -        Reporting the work progress of transmission line and Substation Projects to MOEE by weekly.

                 -        Checking estimates for Civil work.

                 -        Negotiating with the Finance Department to pay the cost in time to

                   external business person and respective Departments for respective


  -        Inspecting the construction work in respective projects and progress of each project at field.

  -        Carrying out the occasional instructions of Director General and Deputy Director General.

The Responsibilities of Power Transmission Projects (South/North) Office

  1. Supervising the Transmission Line and Substations Projects to successfully implement in particular areas assigned by MOEE including northern and southern parts of the Republic of the Union

of Myanmar.

  1. Supervising administration, finance, material planning and engineering sector of Project Manager’s Offices (1,2,3& Civil).
  2. Supervising quality of performances and specifications of work-done in Power Line and Substation Projects carried by the Companies which is awarded to work by the MOEE.
  3. Collaborating with regional authorities and public for land acquisition, loss of forest, loss of long term plants and seasonal plants in projects affected area.
  4. Reporting to MOEE for environmental and social impacts by the projects and compromising with the Affected People in accordance with the instruction of MOEE.
  5. Reporting the progress of power lines and substations projects to MOEE

in daily, weekly and special reporting if necessary.

  1. Carrying out the occasional instructions of Deputy Director General of PTP.

Responsibilities of Power System Department

Power System Planning Branch

(a)     Study of system improvement and extension which conform with demand

improvement of the whole country.

             (b)     Submission of short term /long term project plans based on the system       study.

             (c)     Research and development for standard, specification and technical improvement which is required for National grid extension.

(d)     Establishing and adopting of design and technical specification for construction of primary sub - station and high - voltage transmission line.

(e)     Budget estimation and Budget control for power system improvement and power system maintenance.

National Control Center Branch

(a)      To supply electricity steadily, reliability and continuously.

(b)     Management of electricity failure time and duration to be less.

(c)      Management of emergency and regular maintenance of power plant, substation and transmission line.

(d)     Compilation of annual data for power system.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Branch

(a)      Maintenance and repairing of UHF receiver and transmitter and power          line carrier.

(b)     Sending and receiving of information by using WAN LAN Networks.

(c)      To support the Power System Control by using Carrier Line Phone and           communication facilities.

Power System Protection and Testing Branch

(a)      Testing relays, transformers and switchgears of substations and power       plants.

 (b)    Testing underground cable.

(c)     Testing old and new kilo watt hour meters.

Transmission Line Branch

(a)     Maintenance and Supervision of 230 kV, 132 kV Transmission Line and 66 kV, 33 kV Transmission Lines which are directly connected to primary sub - stations.

(b)     Purchasing and Procurement of necessary equipments for transmission line maintenances.

(c)     Budget estimation and budget control for transmission line      maintenances.

Primary Substation Branch

(a)      Maintenance and Supervision of 230 kV and 132 kV sub-stations.

(b)     Purchasing and Procurement of spare equipments for sub-stations.

(c)     Supervision of maintenance and repairing work, budget control of work     authority and budget preparation.

Maintenance Branch

  1. Supervision of maintenance plan when failure occurs in substation equipment or transmission line in order to minimize the duration of electricity outage
  2. Organize the Mobile Team in order to conduct the Periodic Maintenance for Un-man substation