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Land and crop compensation

Compensation Process for Construction of Transmission Line and Substations and Land / Crop Compensations

(A)To carry out to be able to organize Township Farm Management Committee (TFMC) by co-operating with related Project Manager and Government of Administration Department(GAD) in order to confirm the implication amount of crops and other loss in the regions where transmission lines cross and towers foundations,

(B)To organize TFMC,

(C)To confirm the implication amount verifying the loss by TFMC ,

(D)To  approve the implication amount and its values through the meeting of the members of TFMC and affected

          people in order to compensate destruction,  

(E)     To get  step-by-step  approval of the district and State / Regional Government to compensate the approve amount

          by TFMC,

(F)     To send approved price list from the State/ Regional Government to Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE),

(G)  To instruct Department of Power Transmission and System Control(DPTSC) to pay compensation cost by MOEE

(H)  To give compensation cost for implication amount and its values from the State/ Regional Government by taking  

          approval of  Executive Committee of MOEE,

(I)    To inform  the affected people by the Project Manager through the regional authorized  group  to pay the

           compensation cost,

(J)   To hold the transferring compensation cost ceremony by MOEE and to record of the documents and photos of           

           being received by affected people.