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Functions of the Management and Human Resources Administration Division

1.       To serve the Minister’s office and Permanent Secretary with administrative works.

2.       To take responsibility and instruct regarding staff planning and general administrative purpose under the Ministry.

3.       To select trainees for local and international training and manage the training of the Ministry.

4.       To supervise selecting delegation for the exhibition or meeting and local and international seminars.

5.       To conduct the registration works and business license and tax related purposes.


Functions of the Policy, Legal Affair Inspection Division

  1. To announce and amend procedures, directives, Policy and Laws.
  2. To inspect the work proposals from respective departments under the Ministry whether those are in line with the policies and procedures or not.
  3. To supervise announcing laws and procedures mutually agreed with local and international organizations and cooperation with them.
  4. To answer the questions from superior organizations including Hluttaw , and scrutinize the pacts.
  5. To compile the memorandum to the Cabinet.
  6. To scrutinize and submit not only policies of the ministry but also the policies of different sectors related with responsible functions undertaken by Ministry.


Functions of the Planning and Statistics Division

  1. To prepare the Long-term, Short-term and yearly plans, and submit the progress.
  2. To arrange the projects to be implemented by the Ministry and State and Division governments through negotiation and cooperation.
  3. To collect projects statistics of all departments and enterprises under the Ministry, and submit those on behalf of the Ministry.
  4. To conduct correction in collecting the statistics figure and information for respective States and Divisions.
  5. To collect and keep the information figure by using the ICT Technology.
  6. To supervise collecting and distributing information by connecting the network with States and Divisions.
  7. To implement the e-government, information and technological works.
  8. To assess by doing research projects.
  9. To evaluate and keep the records of working activities of the parties supervised by the Ministry, using ICT Technology.


Functions of the Internal Audit and Finance Division

  1. To analyze monthly revenue and expenditure of Department/ Enterprise/ Corporation under the Ministry
  2. To monitor and check the revenue and expenditure to be actual
  3. To check whether the projects be compiled with the financial procedures of regulations or not
  4. To conduct internal audit works in the Ministry
  5. To arrange for being audited by Union Auditor General Office , and supervise the elucidation activities of each department regarding Auditor’s objections


Functions of the Press Release and Local / International Relationship Division

  1. To  instruct so that  international and local organizations could cooperate each other
  2. To scrutinize issues related with  local and international meeting and Seminar
  3. To negotiate and cooperate with other Ministries and Division/ State governments
  4. To collect International news and information, and press release
  5. To issue the news, documents and journals related with the Ministry
  6. To response the false news regarding the activities of the Ministry by International News Media through Public Media, Social Media and Print Media


Functions of the Head Office

  1. To perform management cases of Minister, Deputy Minister & Permanent Secretary
  2. Personal Special Officers
  3. Office Staffs and Drivers