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Administration Department

Duties & Responsibilities of Administration Department

Administration Department shall:

  1. monitor the staffs in order to comply with the stipulated laws and policies, rules and regulations, terms and conditions and guidelines;
  2. manage the staff affairs according to law and policies;
  3. manage the land and building premises issues related to Corporation;
  4. monitor and manage the activities related to human resource development and capacity building for the staff by arranging the training, excursion and seminar;
  5. conduct the performance appraisal including provision of rewards and penalties in order to promote the capability and competency of the staffs;
  6. manage the tasks related to staffs’ international travel and visa process for foreigner who are related to Cooperation including their accommodation and travel;
  7.  perform the tender process to sell the Corporation’s assets and to write out for the disposal and damaged items;
  8. perform the tasks related to identify the corporation’s logo, flag, and uniform;
  9. maintain and manage the vehicles and machineries and equipment;
  10. perform the public relation related to Corporation’s service delivery;
  11. disseminate the information related to corporation to the public in time and an accurate manner;
  12. develop and/or provide the necessary advice on laws and contracts and documentations related to Corporation.