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MESC's History

Formation of MESC for improvement of  Electric Sector in Mandalay Region


  (a)      On 5th September 2012, MOEP was formed by uniting  Ministry of Electric Power No (1) and No (2) including three departments,  three enterprises, and one organization. Mandalay Division Electricity Engineer Office was under the Electricity Supply Enterprise.

 (b)      According to Presidential Office Order 58(1)/7/Presidential Office dated on (29.1.2015), it was granted on (1.4.2015) that Mandalay Division Electricity Engineer Office was formed into MESC.

(c)      Ministry of Electric Power, using the works given the mandate in Electrical Law’s section 8 and section 72(b)  including Union Parliament  No.44 of  2014 , Presidential office’s dated 29..2015 No. 58/(1)/17 approval and it was allowed to agree in Union Government meeting dated 13.8.2015 No.(16/2015).

(d)  With the announcement of ministry office (127/2015), MESC was formed on 1.7.2015 as an organization which rely on own income apart from state budget.

2. Purpose

(a)       Managing all kinds of works concerned with electricity to be accordance with the Policy of Union Government.

(b)       Managing the implementation processes to distribute good quality electricity, to get sufficient electricity and to get 100 percent access to electricity.

(c)       Managing to extend the investment in electric industry .

(d)       Managing the corporation to become a successful commercial organization .

(e)       Managing the corporation to become a fully public owned from state own enterprise within five years.

(f)        To carry out successfully the works of MESC in accordance with the market economy system.

3. Current Tasks

(a)      Supply the electricity generated from plants situated in Northern Part of country through 230 kV high voltage lines and distribute it in Mandalay Division with low voltage lines (66 kV, 33 kV, 11 kV, 6.6 kV and 0.4 kV) for domestic and industrial purpose.

 (b)    To fully distribute electricity for annual increasing demand in Mandalay Region.

 (c)    The followings have been done in order to fulfill the increasing demand.

        1.  System Development Plan (for low voltage lines 66 kV, 33 kV, 11 kV, 6.6 kV and 0.4 kV)

       2.  System Improvement Plan (Replacing the lines, bulks, transformers with high voltage equipment)

       3. Operation & Maintenance (O&M of low voltage lines and substations)

(d)     Planning and carrying out to distribute good quality electricity supply to people , to get  sufficient electricity supply and to get 100% electricity consumption in Mandalay Region.

(e)      Implementing the electricity projects by  short term and long term plan.

( f)     To reduce the electricity loss.

(g)      To get electricity fees fully.

(h)     Ensure to follow the rules and regulations stated in Electricity law.

( i)    To  develop  Private sector  in electricity  distribution  investments. Currently  (7) franchise companies distribute electricity in (23) townships. The department is responsible for (34) townships.