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Finance Department

Duties and Responsibilities of Finance Department

The Finance Department shall be responsible for,  

  1. Draw and summit the annual budget plan of the Corporation.
  2. Data Entry and Record the daily income and expenditure.
  3. Draw and summit the monthly and annually Accounting Report.
  4. Controlling the income and expenditure.
  5. Managing to improve the income of the Corporation.
  6. Supervising not to wastage income of Corporation.
  7. Carrying out the payments for the financial rights of  Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Service Personnel.
  8. In accordance with the Myanmar Accounting Standard as well as International Accounting Standard, making effort to maintain the financial accounts of the Corporation.
  9. Trying necessary financial management with the purpose of the Corporation to be successful, according to market Economy.
  10. Managing financial matters of local and foreign procurements.
  11. Managing the expenditures of the Corporation to be in accordance with the financial rules.
  12. Based on the financial statement of the Corporation, Managing for analyzing of investments, revolving funds and other funds.
  13. Managing the Accounts and work of the Corporation to be auditable.
  14. Managing to propose changing the electricity tariff by analyzing income and expenditure of the Corporation.